As consumers have shifted their buying criteria to demand more value, better services, and greater convenience, retailers must adapt the way they offer services to meet these evolving consumer needs.

In addition, industry consolidation, globalization and the growth of technology have blurred the lines among the traditional role of a consumer product manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer and the customer.

Deloitte professionals are making a step forward to provide evolutionary ideas and solutions from the new aspects, by courteously listening to customers and closely observing the market, in these changed climates.

  • Fierce price competition in hypermarkets
    A mature stage and slow growth rates of the hypermarket industry result in intensitied price competition.
  • Strengthened online sales
    A lot of discount stores, having a hard time to secure the new offline outlets, expanded its online business dramatically.
  • Going luxury strategy
    Establishing new revenue structure through building up new consumer base.
  • VVIP marketing
    More emphasis on marketing strategies for VVIP customers who contributes a large sales increase.
  • Market expansion into Asian region
    China or South-east Asian countries are named as a destination.
  • SSM (Super Supermarket)
    SSM expansion has spurred mom and pop stores' strong backlash.
  • Social Networking
    The roles of social networking is increased with IT innovation.