Travel, Hospitality & Leisure

The travel, hospitality & leisure industry is dealing with a changed landscape and faced with the need to establish a core value both for short-term survival and long-term success.

The travel, hospitality & leisure teams at Deloitte member firms can help you see the industry's current challenges as opportunities. In addition, Deloitte professionals are able to provide in-depth global analysis and perspectives on industry trends.

Our thought-leadership research will give you valuable insight into the main factors driving better performance across the globe, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

  • Infectious disease problems
    Negative impacts of natural disasters, including epidemics such as SARS, on the travel industry across the world
  • Liberalization of air transport
    Cost reduction driven by aviation liberalization pact
  • Zero commission
    Demise of airline commissions which have fallen steadily to zero in many markets
  • Travel promotion by Korean government
    Massive investment in the travel industry in preparation for the 'Visit Korea Years' designated by Korean government
  • Glowing online hospitality market
    Remarkable expansion of online hotel reservation market attributable to the increased number of web users and competitive pricing strategy