Electronic Power

Deloitte provides professional services to electric power companies and electric and gas utilities worldwide. We are a market leader in services to independent power producers and serve a majority of the world's largest regulated utilities. Deloitte member firms offer industry-tailored auditing, tax, consulting and financial advisory services.

  • The International Energy Agency
    Power and utilities organizations will need to double their base load generation (from both traditional and renewable sources) to address the growing energy demands of our global economy over the rext 30 years
  • Plant efficiency improvements pay off
    By aligning production with real-time demand, streamlining project management, or identifying highest margin services
  • Construction of new generation plants is urgent as the alternative and renewable energy strategies emerged
    Demand for electricity is on the rise as developing countries pursue long-term growth
  • Transition to non-greenhouse gas emission technologies
    Seek the most efficient forms of low carbon and carbon-neutral generation, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Investing in renewable energies has become the national agenda
    Spain and Germany subsidize investments in solar and/or wind energy despite the current shaky economics
  • Nuclear renaissance is imminent
    Appetite for nuclear build appears diverse among nations, concerns over nuclear construction including political risks are raised, poser producers begin to standardize nuclear construction programs in purpose of minimizing cost and increasing efficiency, and lack of access to skilled resources in the nuclear industry makes the development of appropriate procurement or properly prioritize investments hard
  • Two key trends dominate the technological agenda in the power and utilities sector
    The need commercial-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology and inexorable move towards the adoption of a smart grid