An established network of experienced professionals in every country with significant mining activities, focuses on the delivery of value-added service to our mining clients. Deloitte member firms offer industry-tailored auditing, tax, consulting and financial advisory services as well as asset valuation, due diligence, organizational restructuring, consulting services.

  • Securing local supply
    Natural resources are an issue of national security and the need to secure local supply
  • The rollercoaster ride continues
    Companies must explore ways to hedge against currency and commodity volatility affecting base metal prices
  • Effective demand management
    Thinking ahead of curve, planning exploration and development investments will differentiate players in the global commodities marketplace
  • Organizations must remain focused on capital efficiency for sustainable growth
    Mining companies are in exceptionally capital-intensive industry, seeking alternative financing options such as Asian buyers and sovereign wealth funds, which are gap fillers for traditional financing
  • The risks to the mining industry are rising
    Regulatory risks, physical operation risks, financial risks, market risks, strategic risks, supply chain risks, and litigation risks (greenhouse gas emissions) are broadly posed
  • Extreme mining
    The easy-to-reach deposits are depleting, forcing mining companies to consider more extreme locations from the Arctic and Greenland to the Nigerian deserts in search of new assets