Financial Investment

Financial investment service (Securities, Asset investment management, Futures and options) was expected to be invigorated since the Capital Market Integration Act had been introduced, but after global financial crisis, financial surveillance was tightened and it caused the effectiveness of the Act weakened.

Fund run occurred after equity market bottomed out in 2008, and because of low interest rate, high risk investment like wrap account became popular.

Even though brokerage commission still consists of its major part of the profit, the effort to diversity the profit structure by developing new products like ELS, wrap account and making IB and investment management grow, is kept being made.

Future financial investment market is expected to be promising based on market conditions with low interest rate, downturn of real estate market, growth in retirement pension, SPAC establishment.

In this changing market, Deloitte FSI group offers proper services to give your institution a distinct competitive advantage.

  • Increase in balance of wrap account
    In response to the recently published improvement plan of 'Investment Discretion', need of improving process of wrap account selling, operation and risk management
  • Introduction of SPAC
    Need of changing accounting principle and preparing tax-saving plan regarding to the M&A of SPAC
  • Expansion of financial investment company to Asia and Middle East market
    Need of tightening as internal control and a risk management toward overseas business expansion
  • Increase in ratio of Real-estate PF loan allowance
    Need of examining allowance-generating process and its appropriateness
  • IPO of Chiness, Japan and USA company in Korean stock market
    Need of improving financial reporting process and preparing for GAAP conversion
  • Introduction of the GIPS(Global Investment Performance Standards)
    Preparing process and IT systems for compliance and verification