Life insurance, already in the mature stage, is required to maximize the profit by managing existing sales channels, creating new channels, and efficient asset management.

And indemnity insurance is also required to eliminate the repulsion toward insurance premium increase, justify the premium increase and actively react to the rapidly changing circumstance.

Deloitte can quickly deliver the specialized solutions achieved by various working experiences in national and global level with intimate relationship with the clients.

  • Reestablishing the life insurance strategy
    Need of reestablishing channel and product strategies based on market analysis
  • GAAP changes in insurance
    Establishing profit and asset management strategies and reestablishing commission system under IFRS 4(Insurance contract)
  • Increase in car insurance premium
    Need of forming social consensus of increasing insurance premium triggered by worsening loss ratio, and managing loss ratio
  • Enforcement of RBC rule
    Preparing for the entire enforcement of RBC rule, currently only adopted by major insurance companies
  • Comprehensive ALM(Asset Liability Management) system
    Need of adopting ALM system in response to the changes in capital market, IFRS implementation and other changes in external environment
  • Applying Depositor protection Act to variable insurance
    Preparing counterplan for volatility of variable insurance
  • Efficient sales channel management
    Need of eliminating redundancy across the channels and managing exact profit of products sold in channel basis
  • Expanding GA channel and its management
    Preparing management plan for expanded GA