Central & Local Government

Deloitte offers a broad range of services to reduce budget for central and local governments in various fields including but not limited to finance, social benefits, education system, environment, and infrastructure. Deloitte provides guidance for the governments with their budget goals concerning these various fields by providing the best services such as recognizing and restructuring the financial system, conducting business feasibility studies, and consolidating cost saving strategic plans.

Moreover, Deloitte works to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public institutions' policy enforcements by providing services including restructuring functional and organizational system through conducting mergers between two or more public institutions carrying similar functions.

More services inclue

  • Conducting feasibility study for a wide variety of public project and establishing strategic plans to cut costs
  • Enhancing the efficiency of budget management system
  • Auditing
  • Organization assessment for redesigning the organizational and functional structures
  • Restructuring public institutions and enhancing the management system