Educational Foundation & Non-profit Corporation

As members of non-profit foundation, educational institutions and non-profit organizations highly value the importance of gaining social credibility by increasing social responsibility and organizational integrity.

Considering the unique nature of non-profit organizations, Deloitte offers a variety of services to better suit their needs and goals.

Deloitte works as a guidance through enhancing corporate governance, consolidating long-term strategic plans to accomplish their mission, creating profit-making business relevant to public interest, and improving the operating system relevant to enhancing financial credibility.

  • Improving corporate governance and consolidating long-term growth strategy
  • Developing profitable business, executing business cost analysis and enforcing the establishment of financial soundness
  • Modifying financial system to enforce financial integrity
  • Enhancing organizational and human resource management system through organizational analysis and developing efficient operating plans
  • Structurally adjusting educational institutions and non-profit organizations to maximize the value of their functions