Public Enterprise & Quasi-Government Agency

Public service experts of Deloitte work with public enterprises and quasi-government agencies to establish their long-term strategic plans, create new business opportunities, and redefine their social status in accordance with the Government's demand and social/economic changes.

Futhermore, it provides audits and other financial related services, as well as various consulting services that are differentiated to better suit the unique nature of each organization involved.

These consulting services include operational consulting and human resource/organizational consulting, where the former manages task-efficiency and process improvement, and the latter develops efficient and flexible organizational system.

  • Consolidating long-term strategic plans and marketing strategies such as developing new business plans
  • Audit, M&A advisory, CFO services, finance related services including financial management plan development, financial forecasting
  • Process Improvement (PI, BPR) and Strategic Enterprise Management Systems (SEM) development
  • Job analysis, personnel assessment and appropriate long-term human resource planning
  • Introducting the performance-based system and improving personnel system through assessment/compensation/promotion services
  • Enterprise Risk & Financial Risk Management (ERM & FRM)
  • Consolidating proper response measures to management evaluation