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Exchanges between Korea and China continue to expand as the Chinese economy keeps growing at a rapid pace. Amid such changes, the Chinese Business Center provides services relating to indigenous and common business issues arising in Korea and China using its networks that closely connect accounting, tax, industry and regional experts with Deloitte member firms in the two countries.

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With the rapid economic growth of China, global economic weight is moving toward China. Keeping pace with these changes, the economic relationship and cooperation between Korea and China has been significantly increased during the last few decades.

In order to stay one step ahead of such changes, “China Business Center (CBC)” enables our professional service teams including audit, tax, financial advisory and consulting to provide the Chinese client with more customized services for fulfillment of complicated demands, by minimizing inconveniences caused by the differences of business culture and language barriers between Korea and China. We have established CSG to provide services to Chinese companies operating in Korea.

China Business Center (CBC) highly values long-term and constructive partnership with Chinese clients, and always focuses on leveraging China specialized knowledge and resources including Deloitte global networks for greater client satisfaction.

  • Team with bilingual Chinese business professionals
    We are teamed with bilingual professionals who have rich experiences with Chinese business in various services areas, which enable us to provide premium services to Chinese clients who consider entering Korean markets.
  • One stop & Total Service
    We provide comprehensive and streamlined services to Chinese companies with various business issues in Korean market including of Audit, Tax, IPO, M&A, Strategic Consulting etc.Back to top
  • Global network
    We provide the best services to clients leveraging the network established by the Global Chinese Services Groups in more than 120 locations around the world.

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