What is RA?

Risk Advisory

Companies are exposed to a variety of business risks and such risks are often deemed threatening to their business objectives. However, risks are often sources of new opportunities. Deloitte’s Risk Advisory help organizations take a Risk Intelligent approach to managing financial, technology and business risks. This approach helps clients focus on emerging and high risk areas, bridge silos to effectively manage risk across organizational boundaries and pursue not only risk mitigation but also intelligent risk taking as a means to value creation.

About the Common Storefront

The Common Storefront provides a single, authoritative view of the portfolio of Risk Advisory services that we deliver to our clients globally, driving consistency, efficiency, and impact in how we market our services, share our thought leadership, organize our networks and communities, build our capabilities, and report our financial results.

Key Risk Areas Component Services
Strategic &
Reputation Risk
Corporate Governance
Strategic Risk
Brand & Reputation Risk
Crisis Management
Regulatory Risk Regulatory Strategy
Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Response
Financial Risk Market & Credit Risk
Capital Management, Liquidity & Treasury Risk
Accounting & Financial Reporting Risk
Operational Risk Internal Audit
Assurance & IT Audit
Conduct Risk
Extended Enterprise Risk Management
Operational Risk and Transformation
Technology & Data Risk
Cyber Risk Cyber Strategy

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Strategic & Reputation Risk

We help organizations identify and manage the risks that are most impactful to the long-term success of the C-suite and board.

  • Corporate Governance
    Address marketplace expectations related to board oversight responsibilities
  • Strategic Risk
    Identify trends and disruptors that could impact competitive advantage, market position, and long-term performance
  • Brand & Reputation Risk
    Identify, monitor and respond to internal and external risks that impact stakeholder perceptions of organizational brand and reputation
  • Crisis Management
    Prepare for, respond to, and recover from crisis events, including crisis monitoring, execution of crisis plans, and crisis communications
  • Sustainability
    Develop, monitor, assure and report on sustainability missions that address key stakeholders' social, ethical, environmental and other non-financial needs

Regulatory Risk

We help organizations develop strategies, structures, and processes to anticipate and adapt to changes in the regulatory environment and manage the full life-cycle of regulatory risk.

  • Regulatory Strategy
    Develop strategies to anticipate, and adapt to, regulatory change
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Design, implement and operate compliance programs to preserve organizational value and create competitive advantage
  • Regulatory Response
    Respond to actual or prospective regulatory censures through implementation of efficient and effective regulatory change processes

Financial Risk

We help organizations design and implement governance, processes, models, data, technology, and reporting, including full transaction life-cycle support, for managing financial risks.

  • Market & Credit Risk
    Assess, design and implement governance, processes, models, data and technology, and reporting related to market and credit risk management including transaction valuation and public offerings
  • Capital Management, Liquidity & Treasury Risk
    Assess, design and implement governance, processes, models, data and technology, and reporting related to capital, liquidity and treasury risk management
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting Risk
    Transform and conform accounting, finance and reporting processes and controls to improve integrity, transparency and efficiency

Operational Risk

We help organizations transform the ways in which they leverage people, third-party relationships, technology, data, business processes, and controls to address their operational risks and elevate business performance.

  • Internal Audit
    Transform internal audit functions to achieve a high level of performance through a full range of outsourcing, co-sourcing, and technology and data analytic services
  • Assurance
    Address regulator and marketplace demand to manage third- party risk through internal control attestation services, audit analytics and specialized audit services
  • Conduct Risk
    Assess and evolve the organization’s values, beliefs, tone, conduct and understanding of risk culture in dealings with stakeholders
  • Extended Enterprise Risk Management
    Evaluate and manage third party risk related to outsourcing, licensing, alliances and other business partnerships across the organization
  • Operational Risk and Transformation
    Develop frameworks that includes common risk taxonomy, loss event reporting, business and IT process and controls assessment methods, and enabling tools and technologies
  • Technology & Data Risk
    Implement enterprise-wide technology and data management frameworks to enable the Board and senior management in their risk related oversight and decision making responsibilities

Cyber Risk

We help organizations develop and implement strategies and programs for managing information and technology risks.

  • Cyber Strategy
    Guide investment and ongoing management of cyber risk programs including risk assessments, threat awareness and implementation of GRC solutions
  • Cyber Security
    Establish risk-focused cyber controls, balancing the need to reduce risk, while also enabling productivity, business growth, and cost optimization objectives
  • Cyber Vigilance
    Leverage our deep experience with analytic and correlation technologies to develop monitoring solutions focused on critical business processes including the integration of threat data, IT data, and business data to prioritize incident handling and investigation
  • Cyber Resilience
    Prepare to handle critical cyber incidents, return to normal operations, and repair damage to the business