A change in course: Tax policy implications of a Joe Biden presidency

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Joe Biden has been tentatively confirmed as the next U.S president following the result of the presidential election on November. The result of the election is expected to change the course of policies that the Trump administration has been pushing.

Among them, the tax policy is anticipated to face a monumental change. In this regards, The publication of Deloitte ‘A change in course: Tax policy implications of a Joe Biden presidency’ introduces the course of the tax policy by the Joe Biden’s administration. First of all, the administration’s comprehensive approach to the tax code and its subsequent economic impact are introduced in the publication. In addition, further changes to be made in terms of the tax policy are analysed based on the course of revisions on the tax code for the corporate income tax and the individual income tax. 

Sent are the analysis published by Deloitte and the summary version translated in Korean.We hope that it is helpful for you to have an insight on changes to the course of the tax policy in the U.S.

PDF version is provided with below links.

Original(English) | Summary(Korean)


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