Alex Jo

Partner, Deloitte Consulting Korea

Alex Jo

6Fl., One IFC Bldg.,

10, Gukjegeumyung-ro,

Seoul, Korea



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Alex has worked with Deloitte over 14 years. Prior to Deloitte, he had years of experience in a global multi-national corporation and other professional services firms. Alex has earned a long-standing reputation for serving clients with distinction from strategy through implementation and developing the next generation of leaders. His experience at Deloitte encompasses the projects in the areas of new business strategy, strategy formulation, value-creating growth strategy, corporate development, M&A strategy, PMI, operational effectiveness, performance management, people management, organization redesign, and change management.

Alex earned MBA from Oklahoma State University, OK, U.S.A and conducted bachelor of commerce at University of Victoria, BC, Canada.

Alex Jo