A year of connection, impact and action 

The Middle East Impact Report

The focus of the report is to showcase some of our best work related to client, people, societal impact and resilience stories.

This edition of the report features key stories such as the e-commerce
bootcamp run in Saudi Arabia, our cyber-security work with Riyadh Airports
Company, our sustainability strategy, etc. We hope that you will enjoy reading
it as well as share it with your immediate network such as clients and team

As we kick-off FY23, our focus on impact continues and we
will work together to ensure we achieve and excel in our responsibility to
contribute to the wider society. If you have any suggestions for stories that
have potential to be featured in our next Imapct report don’t hesitate to share
them with us.

To get in touch, please contact us at Brand & Communications.

DME Impact Report 2021
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