Learning and development

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Learning and development

Only you can define your boundaries

We want you to get the most out of your career with Deloitte. This means we go to extensive lengths to provide the necessary tools to aid your personal growth and development. Ultimately though, it’s you in the driving seat and up to you as to how far you take the opportunities on offer.

Helping you develop

Once you’ve found your niche, we’ll make sure you grow in it. Our Performance Management system focuses on developing your competencies, the skills that lead to business success. We also provide learning paths for all professionals organized by service area and role level.

We make it easy to identify opportunities for growth. At Deloitte, our performance management process gets you the feedback you need to develop your skills.

Learning and growth

The business world changes quickly. To stay ahead, we invest in our people. Our learning and growth curriculum goes above and beyond earning professional designations and certifications. Our offerings include: technology training, negotiation and presentation skills, time management, leadership development and more.

Each year, you’ll develop a personal plan and objectives for the year ahead. To achieve your competency-based goals and fulfill your personal learning plan, you’ll participate in both formal learning and self-study. We make a significant investment in learning & growth opportunities for all our people every year, and we’re committed to continuing this investment in future years.


When it comes to state-of-the-art solutions, we practice what we preach. Some training is best delivered face-to-face, but sometimes it’s easier and more practical to learn at your own rate. So you’ll have access to over 60,000 e-learning courses that update you on the latest information and procedures within Deloitte. These courses are available 24 hours a day, giving you the flexibility of fitting learning around your lifestyle so that you’ll never have to miss an opportunity to live and grow.

Enabling technology

Technology is an essential tool — one that’s critical to our success. Our people need flexibility and mobility to meet their client and personal commitments. So we'll equip you with your own laptop to provide 24-hour access to our network from anywhere. And our software, hardware and networks are upgraded regularly so technology is not a barrier to achieving excellence.

You’ll also receive support for any further education you decide to undertake. One of our leading programs is designed to structure exam leave and the provision of monetary support for your pursuit of professional certifications.

Helping you excel through education ensures not only your personal development but that of the firm, forming part of Deloitte’s mission to be Always One Step Ahead.

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