Diversion ahead

Managing scarcity for the future

In this whitepaper, Deloitte Middle East explores the challenges and trends emerging in the energy and resources sector. The need to reduce demand, increase supply diversity, promote energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions is both desirable and necessary, according to the whitepaper.

Despite the geopolitical upheavals of the past 50  years, the energy industry has never failed to meet energy demand around the globe, although prices at times of peak demand have been significant. In  response to sustained fears over energy security during the past decade, consuming countries, some of whom are also producers, have devised strategies to lessen  their dependence on imported energy.

These strategies have included increasing the geographical diversification of energy sources, for example natural gas into the UK, as well as increasing exploration for and production of domestic sources, such as shale oil and gas in the US.  As a result, energy security issues in the future may well dominate geopolitics to a lesser degree than in the past.

Diversion ahead
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