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April 2019

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OECD: Report issued on role of online marketplaces in collecting VAT/GST

The OECD's report on The Role of Digital Platforms in the Collection of VAT/GST on Online Sales includes measures intended to "level the playing field" between traditional and online businesses and increase the collection of VAT/GST revenue.

Thriving amid trade disruption in the Americas

In a new report, Deloitte's Americas Global Trade Advisory team addresses the challenges importers and exporters face across the Americas region and explores the value of embracing automated solutions to help manage disruption in the trade compliance environment.

Barbados: 2019 budget, including indirect tax measures

The Barbados prime minister delivered the 2019 national budget speech to parliament on 20 March 2019. The proposals included VAT and gambling tax measures. The speech referenced the introduction of VAT on certain online transactions. Additional guidance is expected.

Brazil: Tax reform proposed to eliminate various taxes and introduce "unified VAT"

A bill contains measures that would simplify the tax system and harmonize the VAT system with the systems of most other countries. The bill proposes to combine five taxes and contributions and replace them with a single value added tax.

Italy: Clarifications provided on VAT treatment of payments via electronic money

The Italian tax authorities have issued guidance providing official clarifications on the VAT treatment applicable to certain transactions involving electronic funds ("electronic money"), in particular when VAT exemption applies.

United Kingdom: Further extension to 13th Directive claims deadline for US businesses

The UK tax authorities have announced that US claimants will now have until 30 May 2019 to provide the certificates of status necessary to verify their UK VAT refund claims (under the "13th Directive") for the 2017 to 2018 period.

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