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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

People and culture make Deloitte a great place to work

What is our culture like? It’s about diversity, inclusion, collaboration, high performance, and opportunity.

We know that the broader our peoples' experience, education and backgrounds and the more diverse their opinions and insights, the deeper our organization’s collective understanding becomes. We foster diversity and integrity to strengthen our organization and our people and to respond to our clients’ needs. The result is a collaborative environment that respects individual needs and promotes ongoing development. 

At Deloitte in the Cayman Islands, our commitment to and vision for diversity and inclusion drives us to create opportunities for all our people to participate in various aspects of our organization. Although our member firms are united by this vision, our diversity and inclusion initiatives recognize that the implementation of programs will be shaped, above all, by local and national cultures.

Though we may share similar values and objectives, the make-up of our individual character and personality can differ hugely to the person next to us, and from the clients we interact with. This means that there is no single, prescribed method for bringing out the most of what you have to offer; so what we do prescribe is a combination of constant feedback and support, flexibility and openness, open doors and open ears, and a genuine desire to see you excel.

We recognize that in order for our business to succeed, our people need to develop and flourish, while remaining true to themselves. That’s why we strive to understand and appreciate the many and varied differences between our people. And it’s why we have developed a culture where all the capabilities of all our people are fully harnessed and developed for the benefit of our clients, our business and our colleagues. Our office proudly boasts a multi-national team with people from all over the world working together to make an impact that matters.

"Diversity is not merely one of our key values, diversity and inclusion are also embedded within our culture at Deloitte in the Cayman Islands. We work hard to create an inclusive culture that values the diversity of our clients and our people, bringing together differing viewpoints, experiences, cultures and backgrounds from around the globe to leverage our strengths and make an impact that matters. I’m also proud of our strong female leadership team and our efforts to develop and retain Caymanians into leadership roles across the firm.” Jennifer Skinner - Senior Manager, Human Resources

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