Business Insurance Consulting in Cayman Islands

Our Business insurance consulting team consists of qualified loss adjusters and other professionals experienced in responding to incidents and disasters.

Catastrophes can range from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires to equipment failure, product recall and theft, and all of these can have aspects even the most seasoned of managers is unlikely to anticipate. We assist with all aspects of claim preparation from initial investigations through to settlement of the loss. The extent of our involvement in each particular case is determined by our client who can choose from our menu of services.

What we offer:

  • Advice on property damage and/or business interruption losses
  • General guidance and review of claims prepared in-house
  • Full management of the loss using Deloitte staff to retrieve the data required to evidence the claim
  • A professionally qualified, experienced staff to assist with your claim.

Business Insurance Consulting

In the event of a disaster we work with our clients to prepare their insurance claims. Our involvement helps to ensure that the optimum financial settlement of the claim is agreed in the shortest possible time. This allows the business to put the effects of the incident aside and get on with normal operations. We also work with clients to put in place effective pre-loss strategies.

Beyond providing assistance with the operational aspects of submitting your insurance claim, the team at Deloitte has the experience to address “the big picture” and any urgent concerns you may have regarding your business: How to recover your business from the effects of a disaster and ensure your clients’ ongoing needs and requirements are met? How to protect from loss of business, both in the short and long term? The Business Insurance Consulting team is able to address these concerns while offering immediate assistance and advice on damage mitigation and disaster recovery. In addition we can help take ownership of the insurance claim at a time when staff are stretched beyond their standard daily operations to allow company management to concentrate their efforts on restoration of your assets and business. We offer a wide range of services in:

  • Identifying areas of loss
  • Assisting with loss mitigation
  • Damage reclamation
  • Document recovery
  • Quantifying the losses arising and relating these to the insurance policy cover
  • Collating the claim
  • Presenting the claim to insurers and assisting with settlement negotiations