Forensic Trust Services in Cayman Islands

In an increasingly demanding business environment, with pressures from regulatory bodies and stakeholders in trust activities (beneficiaries, settlors, protectors and other interested parties), the focus on trustees has never been greater.

The legal, commercial, financial and professional risks to trustees who are responsible for complex portfolios of business continue to increase.

Sophisticated beneficiaries and settlors are demanding greater transparency from trustees and placing trustees’ performance and decisions under greater scrutiny. To meet the needs of trustees and their lawyers, Deloitte has established a specialist team led by the Forensic and Dispute Services practice, with ready access to the full range of Deloitte services.

Our team works closely with the trustees and their lawyers to find the right solution to any situation a trustee may face. Led by forensic specialists with access to deep industry expertise, our Trustee Services team provides independent assistance and advice to trustees when faced with issues that could lead to potential disputes with other parties. These issues often arise when the risks faced by trustees have been heightened through a change in circumstances of the trust.

Forensic Trust Services include:

  • Due diligence and risk assessments regarding new client relationships
  • Dispute consulting
  • Assessment and Review of Investment Management Performance
  • Review, restatement, or preparation of trust accounts
  • Asset recovery
  • Receivership of trust assets
  • Trust-specific litigation support
  • Provision of Expert Witness services