Organization Transformation and Talent

Driving change with new and practical business insights

Organization Transformation and Talent Driving change with new and practical business insights Businesses are transforming in many ways: M&A, digital, introduction of new technologies, organizational restructuring, new leaders, and regulatory changes. New and practical insights, driven by data and analytics, are required to drive organizational and people-related business transformation.

Digital and emerging technologies, changing market conditions, and regulatory pressures are common external forces that drive business transformation. Internally, new leadership and growth or consolidation strategies (including mergers and acquisitions) often spark transformation. No matter what the driver, the same challenges typically apply: how to align your organization design, talent, leadership and culture with your business strategy  make the transformation vision a reality, and then sustain it over time. 

Deloitte OT&T practitioners combine deep transformation experience with practical business acumen. Our organization and people solutions incorporate an array of innovative tools and resources, powered by analytics, to enable sustainable change. 

Our services include an array of innovative tools and resources that we adapt to meet the needs of every client’s unique situation.

Strategic change

Research suggests that change in today’s business environment is expected to happen more rapidly, is increasing in frequency and complexity as organizations have an imperative to transform. Emerging technologies and markets, agile ways of working, increasing regulations, embracing challenges and opportunities of digital era, merger & acquisition activities — these are just some of the drivers of strategic change.

Deloitte’s change approach brings new and practical insights, informed by data and analytics, to enable high impact organizational and people-related business transformation. Through transformation workshops, it helps leadership teams create the right conditions, make the right decisions, and take the appropriate actions to enable the desired outcomes. It equips employees to translate business strategy into personal meaning and change their behaviours and mind-set to embrace the transformation and support its goals.


An organization's culture is a complex, highly valuable asset that is difficult to replicate. When aligned with corporate strategy, an organization’s culture can offer a powerful competitive advantage. Culture is informally defined as “the way we do things around here” and becomes visible in the choices people make, how they interact with one another and how they deliver against their objectives.

Culture can be transformed through an understanding of the current and desired future state, and by activating various organizational levers, such as changes in management processes, learning, recruitment, and leader behaviors, to steer the culture in the desired direction. By examining two sets of dimensions — core and differentiating — Deloitte’s Culture Framework and Diagnostic Tool provides the objective insight and rigor required to understand cultural strengths and gaps and drive the behaviors needed to support business strategy and achieve truly differentiated performance.  Focusing on ‘moments that matter’ provides a frame to reinforce and embed key behaviors and achieve an organization’s cultural ambitions.

Leadership development

An organization’s effectiveness and ability to execute strategy is increasingly determined by the quality of its leaders. At all levels, both within a business and at the board level, leadership is a critical enabler.

Deloitte helps organizations meet leadership needs through clear leadership strategies, assessment of leadership capabilities, and accelerated development programs with a focus on pragmatic strategy execution. We work with you to address constantly evolving business challenges and diverse employee expectations while building leadership pipelines and programs for emerging, next generation, and senior leaders.

Organization design

The majority of organization design initiatives start out with the best of intentions, but few live up to expectations. With every alteration in the design comes disruption as people and positions shuffle, sometimes for very little gain. These kinds of restructuring efforts, when done improperly, can undermine faith in an organization's leadership, which actually erodes value and team coherence.

When properly conceived and executed, organization design can significantly accelerate performance in complex business environments. Directly aligning the organization to its strategy and business model enhances both people performance and business results. Deloitte has developed an approach to organization design to create this highly valuable alignment. This methodology guides the redesign process from the decision stage through design and implementation, always focused on enabling the organization to do what it was meant to do.

Executive recruitment

The quality of an organization’s leadership influences an organization’s success through every element of the business from strategy development and implementation to an organization’s culture. Recruiting of new executive-level talent to your team is likely to create significant time demands, and success is not always guaranteed.

Deloitte professionals utilize tried and true recruitment methods such as Targeted Selection methodologies and tailored assessments to help you identify the indicators, traits and qualities that may help you identify high-potential leaders who are able to effectively integrate into the organization and adapt to changing organizational needs.