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50 million futures prepared for a world of opportunity

Deloitte is committed to empowering people to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy.

As the 4th Industrial Revolution unfolds, leaders across business and government are asking themselves, “How do we prepare?”

At Deloitte, we are inspired by the promise of this industrial revolution. Its acceleration of technology and digitization across all aspects of life present incredible opportunity. We are preparing people, and the organizations they are part of, to be ready for the prosperity and progress it offers.

Our work developing leading-edge business solutions, bringing fresh perspectives to clients, and training the next generation of business leaders is an important first step. It is not enough.

Globally, millions have been left behind, unable to fulfil their aspirations and potential. They lack the education, skills, and training needed. This is causing widening inequality, declining productivity, and rising social tensions.

This is why we have created WorldClass – an organization-wide initiative that aligns Deloitte’s local efforts around a global ambition. Through WorldClass, we are applying our core skills, experience, and global reach to empower more people through education, skills development, and access to opportunity.

We are committing our most valued asset—our more than 286,000 professionals in firms around the globe—to creating opportunities for those left behind. By collaborating with businesses, government, and educators, together we can transform learning and enable individuals to access the skills they really need to meet future job demands.

Through WorldClass we will prepare 50 million futures for a world of opportunity. We will make an impact that matters.

In line with the timeframe for achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are committed to reaching this target by 2030. WorldClass supports the goals focused on inclusive and equitable education and lifelong learning (SDG4), and sustained economic growth and decent work for all (SDG8).

We are committed to reaching 300,000 people across the CIS and delivering programs and initiatives that support the WorldClass ambition.

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Deloitte is delivering a series of professional lectures for NGO employees to increase the sustainability of their projects and the efficiency of their financial and management processes.

The lectures and workshops cover Excel skills, self-presentation, teamwork as well as project management and interview skills.

Praktukum welcomes more than 100 employees from various NGOs throughout the year.

Equal opportunities. Bauman University

As part of our Diversity & Inclusion agenda, and Deloitte’s global WorldClass initiative, we are supporting students with hearing impairments at Moscow’s Bauman University.

Deloitte experts led seminars on developing soft skills as part of the student’s social curriculum. Workshops and lectures focused on meeting skills, business correspondence, career development, interview and CV preparation.

More than 30 students attended the series.

The workshops to develop soft skills are designed to give students with disabilities more confidence when navigating the labor market and empower them make more conscious decisions about their career paths.

Initiatives like this aim to help reduce unemployment among young people with disabilities and help them become active participants of the workforce.

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The Career Path. ROOI Perspektiva

Deloitte regularly supports ROOI Perspektiva, a Russian NGO for people with disabilities, and gets involved in various initiatives every year. One such programme is The Career Path, giving Deloitte employees the opportunity to become mentors and help people with disabilities find good and secure employment.

The current stream, from February-April 2019, will involve up to 25 participants who will learn about setting career goals, CV writing, interviewing for jobs and self-presentation skills.

A video from the programme’s previous intake is available here:

Step into a Profession. NGO Deystvuy

This year, Deloitte has chosen to support the programme Step into a Profession, organized by the disabilities NGO Deystvuy.

This programme aims to prepare young people with disabilities for their transition into successful employment. The program supports more than 100 people each year.

HR specialists from different companies conducted practice interviews with the participants. Deloitte’s recruiters interviewed more than 10 potential candidates and provided constructive feedback on their soft skills.

Deloitte regularly invites NGO Deystvuy to hold training sessions on diversity and discrimination. The workshop consists of several components, which discuss various types of disability. This kind of education breaks unconscious biases, raises awareness of disability and promotes tolerance and empathy.

St. Petersburg

NGO Ultimate English

Deloitte supports the NGO Ultimate English by providing interview skills and career guidance for people with hearing impairments who are studying English.

The programme works with 40 students each year.

Deloitte also donates to support the training of hearing impaired guides to provide tours of the city of St. Petersburg and its museums in international sign language for foreign visitors.


English in orphanages

Deloitte employees have been giving free English classes every two weeks at the Municipal Social Orphanage for Children and Teenagers since November 2018.

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Ukraine (Kyiv)

Pro Bono Club

Pro Bono Club Ukraine creates meaningful partnerships for social change. This platform connects corporate sector expertise with NGOs through consultancies, joint projects and pro bono services from companies. Deloitte experts presented a #GivingTuesday lecture for 30 NGO employees. Members of Deloitte Ukraine’s Talent team taught participants how to build effective communication in teams using Business Chemistry tools.

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Deloitte Ukraine supports YEP, a non-government network of business incubators. Its mission is to develop an entrepreneurial culture among young people from different country areas by organizing business training programs. Deloitte Ukraine supports YEP by giving lectures about Business Chemistry to help students understand how to use their skills to build the most effective teams. Deloitte also takes part in mentoring sessions for YEP members to help them open up their potential. Deloitte volunteers organized two lectures and a meet-up for more than 40 students last year.

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