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The Deloitte network is committed to strengthening the humanitarian system and disaster response, and believes business has an important role to play in this ecosystem. By providing pro bono services to co-create innovative solutions, Deloitte member firm professionals support the sector’s preparedness and readiness to respond to crises.

About the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program

The increasing frequency, scale and complexity of humanitarian crises are inescapable. Populations around the world are becoming ever more vulnerable to the effects of disasters, conflicts, and global instability.  While humanitarian actors work to support people affected by these crises, and restore sustainable livelihoods, resources are severely limited. Faced with these challenges, the humanitarian sector has recognized the urgent need for new ways of working. 

The Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program was launched in 2012 after broad consultation with leading humanitarian organizations, which identified the need for innovation and collaboration with the private sector. Through the Program, professionals from Deloitte member firms work with humanitarian organizations, combining their diverse skills and expertise to co-create and implement innovative solutions to the sector’s most pressing challenges.  By collaborating with local, national and international humanitarian actors, the aim is to enhance the sectors ability to prepare for, and respond to, humanitarian crisis.

The Deloitte network has provided pro bono support to over ten projects. The projects were selected through a global call for applications as well as seeking out opportunities with leading humanitarian organizations to help them address the sector’s greatest challenges. The aim of each project is to scale and share the solutions so that others in the humanitarian sector can benefit.

The Deloitte network contributes generously in the wake of crises and natural disasters. Cash donations are often provided to support immediate relief and recovery efforts. The network made donations during the Ebola outbreak in Africa, and to the natural disasters in the Balkans, China, Nepal the Philippines, and the US. 

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Research and insights

The Deloitte network has published a number of research papers on humanitarian innovation and the value of collaboration between the humanitarian and private sectors.

Deloitte Center for Crisis Management

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