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Deloitte experts share their vision, experience and expert opinion with the media on the Kazakhstan market and economy, as well as current & future industry trends.

Advice for wayward PR experts

Marketing and Communications Manager Samat Dzhamayev shares his thoughts on how to behave with journalists for PR-Drive.

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Deloitte anniversary–it’s only just beginning!

Kyrgyzstan Managing Director Kanyshai Sadyrbekova gives an interview to IBC.kgto talk about the Firm’s activities and its 15thanniversary in the country.

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Bitcoin will be controlled in Kazakhstan

Legal Department Director Artem Tolkachov talks to a Kazakhstan publication about which mechanisms may be used to regulate the new market.

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Robots in the office

Consulting Department Senior Manager Sergey Goncharovand BD Manager Samat Dzhamayev discuss the robotisationphenomenon in National Business.

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Accountants and managers can be replaced by robots

Consulting Department Senior Manager Sergey Goncharov talks to LSabout how he thinks the new wave of robotisation will replace humans not only in industry, but also in offices.

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Why the Kazakhstan economy needs tax credits

Tax & Legal Department Director Yeldos Syzdykov assesses the probable effect of introducing tax credits in his article for LS.

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How to resolve financial issues and grow

Senior Financial Consultant Baurzhan Shalbayev talks about the value of business to Forbes Kazakhstan.

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How do you prepare for a tax audit?

Tax & Legal Senior Botagoz Tanbayeva shares some interesting information for taxpayers with

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Exports need to be unique

Managing Partner Mark Smith and Senior Manager Bekhzod Artikov discuss with Kazinformwhich goods will be popular overseas and what makes distribution successful.

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Digital Kazakhstan

Legal Department Manager Viktoriya Tyan shares her expert opinion on electronic document management for the Kazakh TVchannel’s Digital Kazakhstan programme. The programme will air in September.


Bitcoin legislation under development in Kazakhstan

A working group involving representatives from Deloitte is working on the development of Bitcoin legislation, says

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The end of fake business

Legal Senior Manager Olessya Kirilovskaya talked to Kursiv.kzabout some important amendments to the Criminal Code.

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Bank mergers in Kazakhstan: conditions dictate, not the market

Managing Partner Mark Smith and Senior Manager Bekhzod Artikov give their thoughts to Total.kzon the reasons why there have been no transaction “champagne moments”.

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Kazakhstan bank ratings–2017

The ratings were prepared by Deloitte Caspian and were published in the printed and online versions of Forbes Kazakhstan.

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New Tax Code amendments. Experts have assessed positively

Experts have assessed positively the government’s plans to introduce a simplified income and expense accounting mechanism.

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What you need to focus on when buying a company

Due diligence will help highlight any risks when investing in the purchase of a company, says Financial Consulting Department Senior Baurzhan Shalbayev.

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Outsource 2.0

Olesya Kirilovskaya, Legal Senior Manager, explains to National Business about the activities of General Service Centres, which have become a new trend, especially among international companies.

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What everyone should know about tax returns

Universal declaration is coming to Kazakhstan. Zhuldyz Taitalyeva, Tax & Legal Senior, tells Kapital newspaper what is important to know to avoid falling foul of the new laws

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The kings of corporate blackmail

The Kazakhstan business community discusses the risk of becoming a victim of fraud with Express K.

EVENT –one word can mean such a lot

A specialised communications publication PR Drive asked experts which event-management formats were popular and which had already lost their popularity

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Which sector is most prone to financial crime?

“The scope for embezzlement and fraud in the construction industry is immense. The industry has developed a large number of mechanisms for unscrupulous practices,” believes Rustam Mukhametshin, Financial Consulting Department Director Rustam Mukhametshin.

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Specifics of the tax treatment of the agricultural industry

Tax & Legal Department Senior Assel Tamenovaexplains the government’s agricultural industry taxation policy to readers.

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How did WannaCry get on in Kazakhstan?

The world learnt about the WannaCryvirus in May 2017. Managing Partner Mark Smith shares his thoughts with about the creation of a Deloitte cyber-security team

A tough surgical operation is needed to remove corruption in Kazakhstan

According, to Financial Consulting Department Director Rustam Mukhametshin, companies lose anywhere between US$ 2 and US$ 100 million domestically in financial crimes.

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How can a company generate profit, but have no cash?

Read extracts from an interesting discussion between Financial Consulting Department Senior Baurzhan Shalbayev and the co-owner of the retail network


Deloitte in Tajikistan is 12!

Find out from Tajikistan Office General Direct Gulanor Atobek how the firm has developed and what it has achieved over the last 12 years

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Corporate blackmail –a threat to business?

Kazakhstan experts discuss the main threats for the corporate sector from fraudsters -

Demand for luxury class goods falls in Kazakhstan after devaluation

Consulting Department Senior Manager Bekhzod Artikov shares his thoughts about the Kazakhstan luxury goods’ market with

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Tax-related investment disputes: initial results

Elena Ryzhkova, Tax & Legal Department Senior Manager, talks to National Business about important changes in the court system affecting the investment climate.

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Business corruption: embezzlement of budget funds

Financial Consulting Department Director Rustam Mukhametshin talks about financial investigation with

A new age of oil and gas investment in Kazakhstan

An article by Anthony Mahon Partner, Caspian Energy and Resources Leader 

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Reduced Customs Duties Following Kazakhstan’s Accession to the WTO and Electronic Invoices – How They are Linked and What Kazakhstan Business Needs to Know about Them


Kazakhstan’s accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is an important landmark in the country’s history – the completion of a negotiation process that has helped Kazakhstan integrate fully into the global community. One of those integration measures was Kazakhstan’s approval together with Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) members of a list of goods (WTO List) on which Kazakhstan will apply reduced customs duties (WTO Rates) when importing them from outside the EAEU.

By Sholpan Dossymkhanova, Deloitte Tax & Legal Department Manager.

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Will SEZ Become more Attractive for Investors in Light of New Amendments to Tax Law?

Reducing tax burdens and tax liabilities have always been important issues for entrepreneurs and organisations. However, today’s companies only have a few tools at their disposal provided by civil, employment and tax law to reduce or defer taxes.

By Aizhan Akimgereyeva, Deloitte Tax & Legal Department Manager. 

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Oil and Gas Industry Overview: Naturally Resourceful

Anthony Mahon, Tax Partner, Deloitte Caspian Energy & Resources Leader, has provided an overview of top issues facing the oil and gas sector. Read more in the World Finance Review magazine.

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Rising to the challenge

2015 Issue

Mark Smith, Managing Partner of Deloitte in Kazakhstan, explains how economic diversification and strong regulations are the key to surviving the global financial crisis. Read the full article on The Business Year.

Central Asian Information Security Survey Results (2014)

World Finance Review - May 2015 issue

Insight into the Information Security Maturity of Organisations, with a Focus on Cyber Security By Michiel Van Hulsteijn, Senior Enterprise Risk Manager. 

“Although the number of publicly known cyber attacks appears to be small, this does not mean that organisations in the region are immune, and could ever be existing under a false sense of security. Given global trends and the increased number of attacks and attention given to cyber security, it could very well be that Central Asia may become the next target for hackers in the near future. When - not if - this happens, organisations need to be prepared”.

Read more on the World Finance Review website.

How will Eurasian Economic Union Membership Affect Business in Kazakhstan?

World Finance Review - May 2015 issue

The Deloitte Legal experts Viktoriya Tyan and Agaisha Ibrasheva discuss how Eurasian Economic Union membership affect business in Kazakhstan from the legal perspective.

Read more on the World Finance Review website.

Deloitte in Kazakhstan


An overview of Deloitte in Kazakhstan by Mark Smith, Managing Partner.

Read on the US Television website.

Innovation Boost “NIF$50K” overview

The competition final took place on 24 October. The winner, Professor Abilaykhan Karakayev received a prize of 7.5 mln KZT for his innovative diesel usage solution.

As an official consulting partner and business trainer during the project, Deloitte experts Agaisha Ibrasheva, Daulet Kuatbekov and Pert Polyakov did a great job consulting and offering advice to all of the finalists. Each competition session was shown in the TV show Innovation Boost “NIF$50K”. The participants and winners thanked the business trainers and experts for their valuable help.

Click here to see the playlist with all TV episodes.

The situation on the world oil and gas market (p. 32-34)

Find the Deloitte’s review of the situation on the world oil and gas market is the #4 (45) World Monitor issue & learn how new supply sources such as shale production in the US, production growth in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Kazakhstan and greater competition for demand, particularly in Asia Pacific, will reshape the global oil and gas markets and geopolitical landscape, creating greater interdependencies among nations.

Read the article in the World Monitor magazine

Kazakhstan Introduces Investment Incentives to Increase Capital Inflow

On 12 June 2014, the Kazakhstan President ratified a new Law aimed at bringing about significant improvements in relation to Kazakhstan’s overall investment climate (the new “Incentives Law”). Deloitte Caspian Tax experts reviewed the exemptions and incentives that come along with the newly introduced law.

Download the PDF of Kazakhstan Magazine to read the article.

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Accounting and Taxation Overview

Anthony N Mahon, Partner, Cross Border Tax, Deloitte Caspian region gave an overview of taxation and accounting regimes in Kazakhstan.

Download the PDF of World Finance Review magazine to read the article.

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Taxation should stimulate the investor

At the end of April, Deloitte held a roundtable in Almaty dedicated to the "corporate taxation in the mining industry". The roundtable was attended by London Partner James Ferguson, who kindly agreed to provide an interview to the Kazakhstan journal (No. 3/2014)

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The positioning of the financial regulator in Almaty is justified

According to Mark Smith, Deloitte Caspian Region Managing Partner, Almaty, as Kazakhstan's financial centre, has the required infrastructure to become the financial centre of the Eurasian Economic Union. You can find more details in his interview for

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VAT on prepayments – a negative or positive development for service providers?

Deloitte tax experts take a look at VAT on prepayments, whether it is a negative or positive development for service providers.

Download the PDF of the New Business Year Magazine 2014 edition. 

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Accountancy Number Crunch

Anthony Mahon, Partner Cross Border Tax at Deloitte, provides a brief overview of the key things you need to know when approaching the Kazakhstan market.

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Burning questions regarding tax and ecological law

The legislative base in Kazakhstan, a country whose economy depends greatly on the raw materials sector, has its special characteristics, such as the strict regulation of subsoil use activities.

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Subsoil use regulation

"Does your company apply tax and ecological law in terms of subsoil use correctly?", ask Deloitte Legal Partner Agaisha Ibrasheva and Olesya Kirilovskaya Legal Manager.

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Doing business in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstani economy is open to investors, but establishes some restrictions in certain areas (having strategic significance for the economy of the country, i.e. in the oil and gas, telecommunication sector). Foreign investors may invest in any sector, with equity limits in only a handful of sectors. Deloitte experts consider the practical issues of creating and doing business in Kazakhstan.

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Customs Union: "customs" view from Kazakhstan (three years later)

Deloitte experts address main advantages and problems of the Customs Union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus based on its research of the business community views.

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The Tenge has fallen

What will life be like after the devaluation - Vladimir Kononenko, Partner in Charge of the Deloitte Caspian Regional Tax & Legal Department gives his views in an interview with

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Changes in the Tax Code 2014

For taxpayers, New Year is a time for tax law changes. Dilya Osmanova, Tax & Legal Department Partner, shares information on the latest changes to tax law in an interview with World Monitor.

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The problem of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)

Yeldos Syzdykov, Tax Senior Manager, shared his thoughts on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) with the magazine Kazakhstan Securities Market (4/2014).

Download the PDF to read the article (RU)

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Draft Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union. View of the business community

Sholpan Dossymkhanova, Deloitte Caspian Region Tax & Legal Department Manager, spoke at the Astana Economic Forum about the draft Eurasian Economic Union Customs Code and shared the thoughts of the business community on it. You can see the topics discussed by Sholpan here.

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General declaration of the assets and income of Kazakhstan nationals

The introduction of the general declaration of income and assets for Kazakhstan nationals is currently a very hot topic. In this series of articles, Deloitte Caspian Region tax and legal experts discuss the main changes made to the Tax Code in relation to the general declaration of income and assets. We will analyse stage-by-stage the various amendments to current tax law and also consider examples from global experience.

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Cyber attacks: non-virtual threats for your business

The digital revolution and social networks stimulate business development and growth like nothing else, but also expose us to cyber attacks. Manuel Hutama, Head of consulting department, shared his thoughts with Vlasti on how to improve your business's and company's position and not get caught out by cyber criminals. Read the article on

What does tomorrow have in store for us?

"First of all, scientific research is the basis for innovation. Kazakhstan provides a whole range of possibilities to create innovative ideas. They are mainly related to IT-technology. Daulet Kuatbekov, Deloitte Audit Partner provided his comments to the

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Kazakhstan's investment climate has improved significantly in the last three years

Mark Smith, Deloitte Caspian Region Managing Partner commented on the investment climate in Kazakhstan compared to that in 2011, and also considered the steps taken by the Kazakhstan Government to improve the country's investment attractiveness. Read his interview

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Eurasian Economic Union members interested in investing in Kazakhstan projects

In an interview for, Deloitte Caspian Region Managing Partner Mark Smith considered the advantages for the national economy of Kazakhstan's entry in the Eurasian Economic Union.

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Business losses from external and internal fraud

Almaty hosted the Eurasian Business Forum on 17-18 April. One of the themes of the forum and also the Deloitte master class was corporate internal and external fraud. Alexander Sokolov, head of the Deloitte CIS forensic group, and Natalia Golovchenko, forensic group manager, gave more details of their work in the SMRK (РЦБК) magazine (No. 4/2014).

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Corporate governance in Russian and Kazakhstan companies

Within the framework of the Eurasian business forum held in Almaty on 17-18 April, Deloitte representative Oleg Shvyrkov gave a presentation on corporate governance practice in companies in Russia and Kazakhstan.

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Business Processes: Safety and Reputation

In April, the Eurasia Business Forum was held in Kazakhstan. As its strategic partner, Deloitte presented current data on market loss due to fraud and inefficient management and suggested instruments to prevent them.

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A crisis of trust

On trust between investors and management, and also on effective measures to prevent fraud - in an interview with Alexander Sokolov, partner and leader of the Deloitte CIS Financial Forensic Group for the Business & Vlast magazine.

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Growth in the domestic economy

The largest growth for the year (May 2013 against May 2012) was seen in sectors such as trade, communication and transport. It seems that the average Kazakhstan national likes to travel by taxi, go shopping and talk on their mobile phone. Consulting Department expert Aldongar Nurpisov gave his thoughts on the subject in an interview to in June 2013

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The current situation in audit and taxation in Kazakhstan

Deloitte Caspian Regional Managing Partner Mark Smith talks about the current situation in audit and taxation in Kazakhstan in an interview with Interfax-Kazakhstan. The interview was published on the Interfax-Kazakhstan site in March 2013.

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A professional services supplier

Deloitte is more and more becoming well known as a supplier of professional services, which is why its strategy is changing, says Caspian Region Managing Partner Mark Smith in an interview with Business & Vlast (8/12).

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Current trends in the investment and business climate in Kazakhstan

EUROBAK Chairman Mark Smith shares his views on current investment trends and the importance of the further diversification of the Kazakhstan economy with the World Monitor magazine.

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Address to EUROBAK readers

Address by EUROBAK Chairman Mark Smith, in which he shares the latest news on the recent VI Astana Economic Forum.

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Kazakhstan's investment attractiveness

Kazakhstan, like many countries, has felt the full consequences of the global financial crisis. Nevertheless, the national economy recovered sufficiently quickly after the crisis and has been showing stable growth. According to analysts, at the end of 2012 and 2013, GDP will grow by 5.8% and 6.3% respectively. Undoubtedly, the economy has suffered, but on the whole Kazakhstan has managed to position itself as a country with great potential to attract investors. Learn more in the article published in the World Monitor publication for 2012.

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Is it hard for women to be successful in the Big Four?

How easy is it for women to be successful in the Big Four? Agaisha Ibrasheva, a Tax & Legal Department Partner and Dina Tasbulatova, a Corporate Finance Department Partner explain their thoughts on this in an interview for

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The Rules of living in Kazakhstan

Mark Smith, Deloitte Caspian Region Managing Partner shares his thoughts on living and working in Kazakhstan as an expat with readers.

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Onshore/offshore contract structures: challenges for the oil industry

Deloitte has provided his expert opinion in an article entitled Onshore/Offshore contract structures: challenges for the oil industry of the Investor's Voice magazine.

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Eye on the Market

"The LP offers an easy means of enjoying a legitimate business structure in Kazakhstan without all the additional requirements of a joint-stock venture", Mark Smith, Managing Partner, Deloitte Caspian on challenges in Kazakhstan for new businesses.

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Goals for EUROBAK in 2014

Eurobak Chairman and Deloitte Caspian Region Managing Partner, Mark Smith shares his business plans and goals for 2014

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Practical aspects of setting up and running a business in Kazakhstan

We are pleased to present you Let's go #2, 2014 issue where Deloitte experts, Agaisha Ibrasheva, Legal Partner and Karina Syzdykova, Legal Consultant, Legal Services department, are sharing their views about "Practical aspects of setting up and running a business in Kazakhstan"

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New approaches to structuring foreign and local staff resources

A modern, innovative economy cannot be developed in conditions of total isolation. Advanced technology and new techniques in the fields of trade, money,human resources and modern financial instrument management are all necessary components of competitiveness in the global economy — in both the private and public sectors — and are all in constant need of foreign investment and qualified staff, which is sometimes difficult to find locally. For this reason, the ability to attract foreigners to work in Kazakhstan and, accordingly, structure their employment relations is becoming increasingly important.

You can read more in the article which was published inInvestor's Voice magazine in April 2013.

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Current trends in Kazakhstan investment and business climate.

Mr. Mark Smith, EUROBAK Chairman, is sharing his views on current investment tendencies and the importance of further economic diversification in Kazakhstan.

You can read more in the article which was published in World Monitor, 2013

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Kazakhstan in 2012: Moving Beyond the Crisis

Kazakhstan, Central Asia’s largest economy, got an early taste of the global financial crisis in 2007 but its moves to share losses with bank bondholders has helped it become one of the first to emerge from the other side. The government is trying to capitalize on its early lead by swiftly diversifying its economy beyond its traditional focus on natural resources, improving its investment climate and harnessing its location as a hub straddling China and Europe to keep foreign investment flowing. 

You can read more in the article which was published in World Finance Review in March 2012.

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The Kazakhstan opportunity

Kazakhstan, like much of the world, suffered its fair share from the global financial crisis, but the economy has come out the other side in a relatively healthy condition, enjoying robust real economic growth, with some estimates seeing GDP climbing by 5.8% and 6.3% in 2012 and 2013. There have been casualties, but Kazakhstan has managed to position itself as the Central Asian country of opportunity and the one to invest in.

You can read more in the article which was published in World Monitor, 2012

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The investment climate in Kazakhstan

You can read more in the article which was published in Invest in Kazakhstan, 2012

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Ensuring the correct application of tax and environmental legislation to subsoil operations

We are pleased to present you World Monitor #4, 2013. Oil & Gas issue where Deloitte experts, Agaisha Ibrasheva, Legal Partner and Olesya Kirilovskaya, Legal Consultant, Legal Services department, are sharing their views about "Ensuring the correct application of tax and environmental legislation to subsoil operations"

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Understanding alternative energy sources in Kazakhstan

You can read more in the article which was published in Astana Economic Forum 2013 Engaging change, 2013.

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Tax and environmental legislation on subsoil use

The legislative base of Kazakhstan, a country with considerable economic dependence on its extractive industries, has some unique features, particularly with regard to it's strict management of the activity of subsoil users.

You can read more in the article, which was published in KazService, 2013.

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