Industry Specialisation


Industry Specialisation

Deep knowledge of industries & markets, where our clients operate

We work in functional teams to ensure that we have a detailed understanding of your business sector & market niche. This allows us to side-step the pitfalls, focus on the key elements of the audit & suggest innovative solutions.

The financial services industry has found itself in the spotlight in recent years and increasingly complex and fast-changing regulation mean that expertise is essential. Deloitte’s specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the banking & securities, insurance, and investment management sectors. 

Key contact: Roman Sattarov

The key driver of the Kazakhstan economy, businesses in this sector are large, often geographically diverse and complex. Our team has international and local experience with some of the largest operators in the world. Our specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to all segments of the Oil and Gas, Electric Power and Mining sectors.

Key contact: Daulet Kuatbekov

Today's harsh environment requires consumer businesses to understand and anticipate changing consumer needs and to respond rapidly with relevant products and solutions. Consumer business sectors of the Kazakhstan economy are often complex businesses, with international partners and lengthy supply chains. Our team of audit specialists know this sector inside out.

Key contactDulat Taituleyev

In this sector, characterised by innovation and disruptive technology, Deloitte audits some of the world’s largest brands. Deloitte brings together one of the world’s largest pools of industry experts with the specialist skills to help Kazakhstan companies of all shapes and sizes thrive in a digital world.

Key contact: Olga Belonogova

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