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Our employees make presentations at universities, job fairs, lectures, information seminars and master classes. This means that you have many opportunities to meet Deloitte employees and learn about the benefits of working with us.

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Career Day


On 14 March, the Ala-Too University (Kyrgyzstan) held a job fair with the participation of employers in the region. Deloitte was represented by HR Specialist Viktoriya Aveltsova, who gave a “Talent Lecture” for financial students and talked about job prospects in Deloitte and the skills needed to get a “dream job”.

Beauty and strength – Power of W photo exhibition in Esentai Mall


In honour of International Women’s Day, Esentai Mall, with the support of Forbes Woman, organised the Power of W photo exhibition dedicated to Kazakhstan women whose achievements are recognised as inspiring, one of whom is Dina Tasbulatova, Deloitte Corporate Finance Partner in Kazakhstan.

The individuals in the photo exhibition are all self-made people, who have achieved impressive success in business. Each of them talks about how their internal female strength can easily exist with the subtle and graceful female character. In addition to their business successes and stellar careers, they talk about how they find time to be wonderful wives and caring mothers.

The success story and career path of each of the Power of W participants is amazing in its own way, but the one thing that combines them all is their inimitable strength of spirit and character.


Open Day


On 1 March, the Deloitte Almaty office held its annual Open Day, but this time with a job fair, intellectual game and original questions prepared for students from the country’s leading universities!

The students met with department representatives and learnt a lot about what each department does. In total, 65 students attended the Deloitte Open Day.

We would like to thank everyone who took part and promise that next year’s event will be even more interesting!

25 years of Deloitte. Azamat Muratkali at the Kazakhstan Winter Triathlon Championship


Financial Advisory Services Senior, Azamat Muratkali plans to dedicate a number of sporting events to Deloitte’s 25th anniversary in Kazakhstan. 25 year and 25 sporting events during the year! it is with great pleasure that we can announce that Azamat began his amazing feat on 24 February with the Kazakhstan Winter Triathlon Championship.

"My first start of the year in the winter triathlon went brilliantly! The event was organisation perfectly, the referees did a great job and everyone was in a great mood. I was also lucky with the mirror number they gave me – 080.

I always run at my own speed, don’t get carried away, enjoy the race, look at the sky, check my pulse and running technique so that I put as little pressure on my back as possible. As it wasn’t my first triathlon, the 4 km run and 6 km bike ride did not cause too many problems. For the 5 km skiing stage, I decided to go “free style” even though I’d only started to ski like that one month earlier, and had always skied using the classic style before.

The competition was part of the Temir Adam Cup in which everyone who finished received a unique medal. I think I should be able to compete in all 25 competition and get a “Deloitte” collection of medals!"

Deloitte - 25 years in Kazakhstan


For each of us, from interns to partners, each step we take, each professional or personal achievement is a new page in the Deloitte story. And this year, we are especially pleased that one of us will be dedicating his achievements and victories to Deloitte Kazakhstan!

We take great pleasure in letting you know that Financial Advisory Services Senior, Azamat Muratkali, has decided challenge himself and take on a series of sporting events in honour of the Deloitte anniversary!

25 years of Deloitte and 25 events which Azamat intends to take part in! His efforts cover everything — swimming, running, triathlons and marathons! In a number of cities and over different distances! It will be amazing to watch Azamat and experience what he achieves!

Let’s all wish Azamat the best of luck in his amazing sporting feat! We are proud of you!!!

Open day


On 16 February, the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business held an Open Day at which representatives from a number of companies held 10 free business and finance masterclasses. Financial Advisory Senior Azamat Muratkali shared his practical knowledge of how financial consulting services are provided in Deloitte.

The masterclass participants were also able to talk to members of the business community in an informal atmosphere, and discuss interesting and useful topics such as how to invest, how to grow from 1 office to 15 branches, how to study in America, how to use artificial intelligence in marketing, how to scale a business and many others.


Theory and practice – different things? Don’t believe it! Or “How to become a part of Deloitte”


Over a number of years, bringing in new team members, we have created some advice for anyone wanting to join the Big Four. Both university graduates and anyone still studying should find these recommendations from Deloitte experts very useful.


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