Sustainability Report 2019

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Sustainability Report 2019

It is our pleasure to present the FY19 Impact Report and share the past year’s achievements.

The theme of this year’s Report is “connecting for impact”, which shows how Deloitte fosters important working relationships and makes a significant positive impact on society. This is a process that has continued unabated since our foundation nearly 175 years ago. Our experience shows that the links we forge between different companies, countries, and organizations are the foundation of our success.

In 2019, we continued to improve our business by making it even more sustainable; we also introduced cutting-edge technologies into various aspects of our work. We expanded our service offerings and significantly increased investment in education, pushing our total social investment up to USD 588,561.

We relaunched Impact Day in Deloitte CIS, during which we boosted the number of non-profits and charitable foundations we work with and delivered a positive impact by training their employees, volunteers, and beneficiaries.

In FY19, society challenged the global business community to address climate change in many different sectors, leading to major economic, ecological, and social disruption. Because environmental problems occupy such an important place on the international agenda, we have payed close attention to ecological issues during this reporting period. In the Report, you can find out more about our recycling initiatives, our new policy on sustainable and ethical procurement, and how we raise employee awareness about the environment.

You will also learn about the important accomplishments of Deloitte CIS in business, the economy, and society, as well as how we contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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