Energy and the mining industry

Driving value through energy management

Energy represents a tremendous improvement opportunity for mining companies since savings derived from more proactive energy management are inextricably linked to energy management.

Renewables in Mining: Rethink, Reconsider, Replay

Renewable energy is rapidly evolving as a mainstream energy source. Mining companies have a significant opportunity to use renewables to lower costs, improve safety, reliability and sustainability, and mitigate risks to ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

Realizing the full benefits from renewables involves more than installing a solar array or wind turbines, it requires a willingness to rethink operational processes and to reconsider the way work is done. As a second report in the series, this piece takes a deep dive into renewables as a compelling part of the energy management business case.

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The bottom line: Driving value through energy management in mining

Energy is one of the biggest expenses for mining companies constituting approximately 30% of total cash operating costs. Based on Deloitte’s experience, companies can reduce their energy consumption by 15-20% in existing mines through an effective energy management program, and up to 50% in new mines by rethinking the mine design with energy management in mind.

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