Value Beyond Compliance


Value Beyond Compliance

A new paradigm to create shared value for mines, communities and government  

In current market conditions and socio-economic circumstances, mining companies not only need innovative business models to deal with cost, capital, efficiency, talent, technology and digitisation; but also new strategies to manage rising stakeholder demands, strategic risks related to their ‘social licence to operate’ and increased regulatory requirements linked to socio-economic priorities.

A new paradigm is required and mining companies need to find new innovative strategies to ensure both their economic sustainability as well as ‘social licence to operate’.

From a Deloitte perspective, we believe that mining companies have the opportunity to take the lead to bring the sector, government and society closer together and create shared value beyond the compliance agenda.

Value beyond compliance is about the fundamental synergy between economic performance and social progress and creating shared value.

How can Deloitte help

We work closely with our clients to develop and implement a broad range of shared value strategies related to stakeholder engagement, enterprise and supplier development, diversity and inclusion, the regulatory environment and measuring impact. In some cases, it means collaborating with other mining companies to bring local government and communities on-board and jointly plan and deliver on local socio-economic cluster development.

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