Counterparty compliance risk management

Market expert survey results

In November 2017, more than 100 medium-sized and large businesses took part in a Deloitte survey on Managing Compliance Risks in Working with Counterparties.

The survey results confirm our observations that many companies across the business community are showing greater interest in developing their internal compliance functions. In particular, this concerns the need to improve the corporate counterparty risk assessment and due diligence processes for evaluatng the reliability of specific clients and customers. This can help companies to gain advance warning about working with potentially high-risk business partners and neutalize various financial and tax risks, a well as the risks of fraud, embezzlement and corruption, not to mention reduce potential losses from unscupulous or unlawful actions.

We plan to integrate the survey results into the ongoing process of fine-tuning one of Deloitte’s newest products – Revolver Online, a cloud-based solution that offers clients a robust, analytically grounded tool for successfully managing their counterparty risks.

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