Capital projects advisory


Capital projects advisory

Over the past three years, Deloitte CIS has analyzed the implementation costs of more than 30 construction projects. Statistics show that loss of funds during the project implementation period may be as high as 30-40% of a project’s overall cost.

The root causes of such losses include:

  • insufficient control over project implementation;
  • bad faith subcontractors;
  • ack of proper planning of work and materials procurement.

Strengthened controls and the implementation of appropriate construction management procedures with support from Deloitte have enabled client companies to complete their projects successfully.

We will develop the necessary processes and procedures that can enable your company to successfully manage the following key project parameters: cost, timeframes and quality.

The Deloitte CIS team will analyze your current construction management practices, which will help in the following areas:

  • Business processes optimization;
  • Reorganization of administrative structures;
  • Development of job descriptions, regulations for corporate functions, and KPIs;
  • Development of relevant corporate standards and policies;
  • Development of reporting rules and forms;
  • PMO implementation: A project management office (PMO) is a company subdivision that provides continuous support during project implementation. It accumulates and disseminates the best project management practices and ensures compliance with corporate standards.


Marina Kostanian

Marina Kostanian

Partner, Financial Advisory

Marina lead the Caspian Region Construction Advisory practice and will be predominantly based in Almaty. Marina joins us from a large US multinational engineering firm, where she was responsible for K... More