Revolver Online

Enabling online monitoring of corporate counterparty risks

First-ever tool enabling online monitoring of your company’s entire counterparty base, featuring expanded analytical settings and customization capabilities that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your business, as well as timely, real-time alerts and warnings of actual threats to your business as they emerge.

How Revolver Online can benefit you:

1)    Revolver Online is a comprehensive analytical solution that lets users consolidate all available data on their corporate counterparties to draw up an accurate, data-rich risk map with clear, user-friendly graphics and illustrations of all direct and hidden affiliations and interrelationships that present real business risks

2)    In addition to the fullest possible range of public information sources, it offers users options for enhancing data from their in-house information systems, thus giving them the advantage of always “being in the know” about all critical information regarding their counterparties

3)    The system features more than 80 individual risk indicators, resulting in virtually limitless options for building and configuring precision scoring models that can easily incorporate individual parameters for each group of counterparties under review

4)    Daily monitoring for new risks gives users immediate notification of new risk factors as they emerge

5)    With the system’s easily adjustable dashboard featuring key risk indicators covering the entire counterparty base, users can instantaneously assess, react to, and effectively mitigate emerging  risks and threats

6)    Multi-factor analyses of complex chains of affiliation between a company’s counterparties and its staff help users identify direct or indirect signs of corruption schemes and potential conflicts of interest

7)    Identifying counterparties’ links with entities under international sanctions or on other blacklists, with the option of adding users’ own target entities into the selected search group, can help minimize regulatory risks

8)    Revolver Online’s ISO 27001-certified infrastructure ensures full confidentiality and protects your data thanks to advanced encryption technology and two-factor authentication

Revolver Online offers you the following benefits:

1)     unlimited variations for building customized scoring models

2)    80+ individual risk indicators

3)    100 000+ risk events analyzed every day

4)    80+ risk management, compliance, and anti-fraud experts

5)    15+ years of experience in financial forensic investigations

6)    24/7 access to the Revolver Online system

7)    100+ Russian and international clients

8)    1 day system set-up process


Alexander Sokolov

Alexander Sokolov

Managing Partner, Financial Advisory

Alexander is Head of CIS Financial Advisory and leads Deloitte’s Forensic practice in Russia and the CIS. He joined Deloitte in 2012. Alexander has 15 years of experience in consulting. He started his... More