Corporate Banking growth engine

Using analytics to inform your client managers and drive revenue growth

Bringing insight through analytics to increase revenue growth through cross sell and up sell

Maximising the potential of your corporate customers

• Providing insight on your existing customer base to inform planning a future sales strategies

• Using new analytical techniques to compliment and inform your client managers relationships

• Maximising the potential revenue of your existing clients through cross sell and up sell

• Bringing revenue growth to existing accounts

• Incentivising your sales force with tailored client insights together with modified sales process and total reward

Bringing together data, analytics, process design and our business insights to maximize revenue growth

  • The inputs required: your current corporate banking strategy, a current state review of your business, internal and industry data sources and our corporate banking experience;
  • The analysis undertaken: an iterative and refined model taking into account all available data;
  • The levers required to create an integrated sales system: analytics, the sales system, technology and change management;
  • The outputs: client segmentation, segment pen portrait, tailored client relations team, next best product recommendations, revised planning process and commission structure, project management and an operational dashboard to support increase sales opportunities.

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