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Private Clients Legal Services


Deloitte has accumulated a unique experience over the years of providing professional services to companies with various ownership structure from every sector of the economy all over the world. Our specialists will gladly leverage this experience to support and develop your private or family business.

We are there for you to help solve the unique problems your business might encounter at different stages of its life cycle and unfold its potential for growth and innovation. When working with you and your business, we strive to put your personal ambitions in the centre of everything we do!

Our practitioners tailor the full scope of business law services for:

  • Legal support of family business restructuring
    • advising on establishing international structures (trusts/funds)     
    • estate planning; handling of estate with international elements (identification of applicable law(s), asset structuring to avoid conflict of regulatory regimes, choice of optimal jurisdiction(s))
  • Support and coordination of acquisition of personal and corporate assets (real estate, yachts, private aircraft, works of art, shares/stakes in foreign and Russian companies) and other projects
  • Succession planning, including:
    • advising on the Russian and foreign inheritance laws
    • determining applicable estate regulation regimes in Russia and abroad
    • inheritance roadmap development
    • advising on establishing inheritance trusts/funds     
    • structuring joint wills and inheritance agreements
  • Advising on family law issues (including those involving foreign elements):
    • advising on the Russian and foreign family laws
    • determining marital property regime, including in case of change of residence
    • drafting prenuptial agreements in compliance with the Russian statutory requirements
  • Advising on currency regulations

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