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Legislative amendments are becoming more and more frequent, and quite often a key to a successful business is knowledge and a practical understanding of the latest legislative updates, business processes and procedures. The Deloitte corporate podcasts provide a brief analysis of the hottest topics in the legal sphere, taxation, customs regulation and other current issues for the business community. Our experts can help you turn the complex into something much simpler through high-quality analysis in a simple and easily understandable format. Please take a listen to the Deloitte podcasts by clicking on the links below.

The Deloitte podcasts are not official advice or recommendations, promotional materials or offers from Deloitte LLP and (or) Deloitte TCF LLP (“Deloitte”) and are of an exclusively informative nature, and for this reason Deloitte is not liable for and does not provide guarantees on decisions taken as a consequence of the release of facts, data and other information in these podcasts. 

Introduction of anti-corruption compliance in Kazakhstan | 27.04.2021

The podcast focused on issues around the implementation of corporate anti-corruption compliance. Speakers: Dariga Tokpayeva Senior Associate (Senior Manager) and Senior Consultant Arman Shayakhmetov, Tax and Legal Department, Deloitte Caspian Region.

Sholpan Dossymkhanova, Customs Manager and Zhannat Tulenbayeva, Zhannat Tulenbayeva,Tax and Legal Department Consultant

The podcast covers the most pressing issues related to the introduction of waybills for goods in Kazakhstan, as part of the mechanism for the end-to-end tracking of goods.

Sholpan Dossymkhanova, Customs Manager

This podcast about specifics of the customs declaration of goods imported unassembled or disassembled, and also incomplete.

Sholpan Dossymkhanova, Customs Manager

This podcast will introduce you to the basic principles of work of the ASTANA-1 Information system on electronic customs declaration of goods, as well as on the pros and cons of the system at this stage.

Sholpan Dossymkhanova, Customs Manager

The podcast describes the aims and types of customs inspection, persons that are subject to customs inspection as well as risks arising from non-submission of required documents during desk audit.

Viktoriya Tyan, Legal Manager

This podcast summarizes some recent trends in legal aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Caroline Armitage, Senior Legal Consultant

This podcast discusses why certain companies in Kazakhstan may need to be compliant with the forthcoming European Union GDPR.

Yelena Tsurka, Tax Manager

This podcast explains the general rule and recent updates in the tax legislation of Kazakhstan with respect to controlled foreign companies.

Caroline Armitage, Senior Legal Consultant

The podcast discusses the cross-territorial reach of certain laws enacted overseas and their relevance to companies in Kazakhstan. 

Nurzhan Dairbekov, Senior Legal Consultant

The podcast discusses the consequences of the positivist approach applied by judges to tax audit disputes.

Viktoriya Tyan, Legal Manager

The podcast touches on some of the most obvious myths around e-document management from a legal standpoint and discusses current e-document management practices.

Olessya Kirilovskaya, Senior Legal Manager

The podcast provides an overview of current statutory regulations and work practices around shared service centres.

Aisha Manapova, Legal Consultant

The podcast discusses the main aspects and specifics of procedures to register legal entities, branches and representative offices in Kazakhstan.

Aisha Manapova, Legal Consultant

The podcast provides an overview on how work permit quotas are allocated in Kazakhstan.

Sholpan Dossymkhanova, Customs Manager

The podcast discusses issues around including license fees in the customs value of imported goods: theory, practice and recommendations.

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