Employment solutions

Representing tomorrow

Turbulent economic times require companies to be agile and flexible in their staffing to remain competitive. Complex polices, frequent legislative changes and global operations make managing employee relations and compliance with employment law challenging for businesses. Deloitte Legal in Kazakhstan provides businesses with the advice they need to make informed decisions, comply with a multitude of regulatory and procedural requirements and minimize their exposure as the result of a conflict (including litigation if appropriate).

Deloitte Legal in Kazakhstan provides the following employment law services:

Routine Services:

  • Project services such as developing “welcome” and “farewell packs” and standard HR documentation
  • Preparing statutory HR documents on an ad hoc basis

Strategic services:

  • We work with clients to develop policies and strategies for more fundamental change within an organization including drafting policies and regulations and conducting HR Reviews.

Other specialist services including advising on immigration issues and providing litigation support. 

For further information on our employment law services please see our brochure.