Environmental law solutions and Sustainable energy 

In accordance with the Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy and the concept of the “transition to a gree economy” the government is currently reforming its approach to environmental protection as well as modifying state, industry and regional environmental programmes. With this, the government is stepping-up its regulation in this area and findings of liability for companies in breach of environmental legislation are on the increase.

Deloitte Legal in Kazakhstan has unrivalled experience of working with subsoil users and on complex environmental projects to ensure compliance with environmental law. In particular, we:

  • Conduct full or tailored environmental audits
  • Conduct legal and tax reviews of the environmental charges (fines, damages) to verify their accuracy and reasonableness. 
  • Offer a wide range of renewable energy related legal advisory services including advising on and implementing complex renewable energy implementation projects in Kazakhstan for example in the solar, wind and hydroelectric spheres. 
  • Represent client interests in and out of court to dispute environmental audit findings
  • Represent client interests in and out of court to dispute compensation in relation to environmental damage

For further information about our full environmental law and sustainable energy solutions please see our brochures:

Environmental law in Kazakhstan brochure.