IP Law


IP Law


Deloitte Legal provides a broad range of IP solutions, from “classic” legal services, such as contract drafting, IP due diligence and dispute resolution, to versatile IP advisory, such as strategic consulting and IP management solutions, including automated tools.

Our team includes experienced lawyers and trademark attorneys who work alongside tech specialists and legal professionals with backgrounds in economics.

We provide a vast range of legal advisory and other services, including:

  • IP Discovery and Inventory
  • IP Due Diligence and Risk Assessment
  • IP Management – strategy and business processes
  • Trademark and Brand Protection –  strategy development and implementation
  • IP Defense and Disputes
  • Know-How and Protection of Commercial Secrets
  • IP Sales, Purchase Licensing and Tech Transfers
  • IP Smart Register – an automated IP database management tool by Deloitte
  • Free and Open-Source License Compliance Assessment
  • Legal Support Related to IP Tax Implications and Benefits (including taxation of e-services)