Employment Law & Benefits


Employment Law & Benefits


Because a wide range of workforce issues can impact a company’s ability to attract and retain talent, or can damage its reputation and market value in an instant, companies need trusted, globally scalable employment law solutions.

Multinational and local companies are operating on an unprecedentedly complex market due to increasingly stringent regulations and the rapid pace of business change.

Deloitte Legal includes a large team of lawyers specializing in Employment Law & Benefits who are helping clients overcome the labour challenges brought about by digital transformation and unexpected and unprecedented global crises (such as COVID-19), as well as their future implications. Deloitte’s employment restructuring approach allows companies to move from traditional employment to outsourcing, contracting, secondment, etc.

We work together with our colleagues in Tax, BPS and HR to tackle risks from all angles.

Deloitte Legal helps companies with:

  • Workforce Transformation
    • Shifting to a remote work regime and advice on relevant issues
    • Planning and support for cross-border employment/assignments; immigration advisory services
    • Development of individual cost cutting plans
    • HR audit (including M&A and due diligence support)
    • Advice on alternative forms of employment (secondment, self-employment, etc.)
  • Individual Employment Law
    • Personnel recruitment, transfer, and dismissal (drafting/reviewing employment, termination and additional agreements, etc.)
    • Wage issues
    • Non-compete and restrictive covenants
    • Sick leave
    • Working hours
    • Health and safety issues
    • Holiday and leave
    • Development of internal regulations and policies
  • Compensation & Benefits (including pensions & equity plans)
    • Compensation and benefits, short- and long-term incentives, corporate pension solutions
    • Global stock plans:
      • Compliance reviews and risk analysis
      • Ongoing filing and reporting obligations
      • Designing and implementing global employee share plans
  • Dispute Settlement
    • Development of strategies for negotiations with employees
    • Labour dispute settlements (out-of-court and litigation)
    • Support during  labour inspections conducted by supervisory authorities and appeals of their decisions
    • Labour law advisory services
  • HR Risk, Regulatory, and Legal Advisory
    • Occupational health and safety advisory services, drafting and/or review of company-wide HR or health and safety compliance manuals/programs
    • Help remediating non-compliance with labor legislation (risk analysis and development of risk maps, risk mitigation plans, etc.)