Deloitte CFO Survey of the Leading Companies in Russia


Deloitte CFO Survey of the Leading Companies in Russia

Key trends. Summer 2017

In 2017 various sectors of the Russian economy demonstrated a robust recovery. However, there is always a possibility that changes, including positive ones, will be followed by unexpected events and outcomes. Knowing this, companies show growing interest in advanced management techniques, strategic management tools and approaches to their implementation.

It is no secret that automation and implementation of new technologies both in production and management areas remain the most discussed topics. The digitalization and new generation of information technologies drastically changed the operating modes of leading companies, even in traditional, conservative industries such as banking (e.g., about one-third of Goldman Sachs’ staff are computer engineers). The future has already arrived. Our latest research on the financial climate in Russia focuses on business transformation that has already occurred or is expected to take place as a result of innovative development.

Expert opinions enabled us to identify the most popular technologies in Russia, as well as to evaluate the economic impact on business in various industrial groups. We are pleased to present the complete version of our analytical report. The key conclusions were presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum held from 1-3 June 2017.

Key sections:

  • Russia in figures: key macroeconomic indicators
  • 2017 outlook for leading companies in Russia
  • Uncertainty and risk appetite of leading companies in Russia in 2017
  • Business development strategies in 2017
  • Drivers and barriers faced by leading companies in Russia in 2017
  • Sources of business financing in 2017
  • Innovations and digitalization
Download the PDF (Executive summary of the surveys presented at the SPIEF 2017)
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