Access control to SAP systems


SAP Access Controls

Deloitte has a four-stage plan for implementing SAP access and authorisation controls products which integrates into the SAP GRC roadmap.

Key to aligning your SAP environment with your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) needs is sustaining robust authorisation controls by maintaining a strong access control strategy and practice. It is an area that has historically proved difficult to manage, monitor and sustain. SAP’s access and authorisation control tools provide a robust, proven access management and monitoring solution and are a core component of SAP’s GRC product suite and vision.

Deloitte can help you re-evaluate key segregation of duties (SoD) requirements in the context of your current business processes and user roles, in addition to helping you align and sustain access control within your business systems. We do this utilising SAP’s access and authorisation control technology which is both cost effective in execution and provides enhanced visibility of control effectiveness for management and auditors.

SAP Access Controls
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