Export and import operations

Effective trading operations in Uzbekistan

Today Uzbekistan actively develops international trading. The country has own regulations which impacts on operations. This brochure briefly describes our services in this field.

Generally speaking, imports into and exports goods from Uzbekistan fall under the authority of the State Customs Committee. Some exchange control restrictions are placed on Uzbekistan residents (including Uzbekistan citizens and legal entities) and on foreign currency transactions. Residents and nonresidents can hold bank accounts in any currency. The regulator of exchange control is the Central Bank of Uzbekistan. Export-import operations are under focus of Tax authorities.

In the brochure, you also can find the list of countries most favorable treatment. Uzbekistan customs apply more beneficial customs duties to goods under most favorable treatment. Since the list can be changed, we would recommend that you use this brochure for general guidance purposes only and contact us to discuss any situation questions you may have.

Our team in Uzbekistan is ready to support and advice the optimal solutions for the business and trading operations in Uzbekistan.

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