Assel Serikova

Head of Talent Department, Caspian region

Assel Serikova

Almaty Financial District

36 Al Farabi Ave.




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Assel Serikova heads the Deloitte Caspian Region Talent Department. After a successful period in leadership positions with a select number of international and Kazakhstan financial institutions, such as Renaissance Credit, Al-Hilal Bank and the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, she returned to lead the Deloitte Caspian Region Talent Department. Assel is a global remuneration professional (GRP), certified HR-manager (CHRM) and professional coach.

Assel has over 15 years of experience in human resources and has led a number of projects to:

  • improve diverse HR functions
  • optimise HR processes, such as improving hiring and staff performance processes; developing compensation and remuneration packages, learning and development initiatives
  • improve internal communications and corporate culture
  • promote employer brand
  • cascade strategic firm goals and objectives
  • develop corporate social awareness
  • develop and facilitate training focusing on management skills and effective communication; introduce coaching approaches to working with teams, and many others
Assel Serikova