Nikita Korolkov

Senior Manager, Tax and Legal Department

Nikita Korolkov

Almaty Financial District

36 Al Farabi Ave.




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Nikita is a Senior Manager in Tax and Legal Department of Deloitte CIS providing services for companies and individuals in various sectors.

He has over nine years of professional background in personal taxation in both Russia and Kazakhstan.

Nikita has extensive experience in providing consulting and compliance services in the area of personal taxation.

Among others it includes leading of campaigns on annual personal income tax compliance for international assignees of big multination companies, assistance with negotiations with the tax authorities, provision of various payroll-related tax services for local and expatriate employees, international assignment structuring, delivering of tax reviews and consulting to individuals on various private tax affairs.

Within area of professional expertise Nikita is also largely involved in dealing with various individual’s tax compliance requests on fulfilment of wide range of local and international prescriptions ensuring clients’ compliance with legislative requirements and best practices.

Nikita Korolkov