Samat Jamayev

Head of Marketing & Communications, Caspian Region

Samat Jamayev

Almaty Financial District

36 Al Farabi Ave.




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Samat Jamayev a graduate of the Aktau State University with a degree in Economics and Law and MBA in Business Administration at the Almaty Management University. Samat previously worked for the Mangistau Oblast Akimat as a Senior Transport, Construction and Communication Specialist. Before that, he was a Director in the Regional “Arman” Youth Centre. He has experience in public relations and the media with Karazhanbasmunai and worked for a period as the Press Secretary for the Caspiy Socio-Entrepreneurial Corporation. In addition, Samat has over three years’ experience with the Bota Foundation as its Communications and Development Manager and two years in PR with the Samiko Communications Agency. Immediately before joining Deloitte, Samat spent time at the Almaty Management University as its PR Director.

Since 2014, Samat has been a member of the “PRshy” PR Professionals Club and in 2015-2016 he was a jury member at the International Students’ PR-Projects and Central Asia Corporate Mass Media Contests. This year, he was asked to provide his expertise to the Ak-Mergen PR-Projects Contest.

Samat Jamayev