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XBRL Taxonomy Design and Management

Create the reporting structure to collect digital data

Many data collectors, such as regulators or analysts, are challenged by structuring and defining the information elements that enable the collection of high quality information. Deloitte helps to create structured reporting sets by designing XBRL taxonomies to collect data in digital form.

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Regulators, standard setters, and investor communities collect information to execute regulatory policies, to develop principles and guidelines, and to make investment decisions. The collection of data requires creation of reporting sets that are readily understandable by the reporters. Yet, many data collectors have difficulty in structuring and defining the elements that enable the provision of consistent and high quality information. 

Deloitte helps organizations to design reporting sets for the exchange of data using the XBRL standard.

Added value

The XBRL taxonomy is a precise reporting set that defines all reportable items and provides supporting information, such as a hyperlink to the regulator site explaining the reporting requirements in more detail. It enables users to identify individual reporting elements and tag this data in reports which can easily be shared digitally. As a result, report users, such as regulators, investors, and analysts can better find and analyze information.


Richard Loi

Richard Loi

Partner, Audit Advisory Services Leader

Richard is the Audit Advisory Services Leader for Southeast Asia and is an Audit Partner with Deloitte Singapore. He has more than 25 years of public accounting experience involving the financial audi... More