SEA CFO Program Overview


SEA CFO Program Overview

Step Ahead

Our conversations with CFOs through the years have expanded our understanding of the world our clients inhabit. It’s become clear that there’s a much bigger story to tell and today we can paint a richer, more complete picture of the CFO role than ever before.

The program harnesses our organization’s broad capabilities to deliver forward thinking and fresh insights for every stage of a CFO’s career – helping CFOs manage the complexities of their roles, tackle their company’s most compelling challenges and adapt to strategic shifts in the market.

Deloitte’s vision is clear: To be recognized as the pre-eminent advisor to the CFO.

CFO Program offerings

CFO Transition Labs: Plan Ahead

This powerful experience is designed to help newly appointed CFOs, including those with prior CFO experiences, make an efficient and effective transition based on three critical resources: Time, Talent and Relationships. Through a one-day individual onboarding session, the lab allows CFOs to create their 180-day plan to help them get started on the right foot.

CFO Forums: Stay Ahead

CFO Forums provide a unique opportunity for CFOs to network with peers, explore challenging issues and share leading practices.

CFO Surveys: Think Ahead

A pulse survey tracks the latest thinking and actions of elite Southeast Asian CFOs from a wide range of industries.

CFO Insights

This bi-weekly publication from Deloitte tackles the timely issues that CFOs and senior finance executives face today with practical advice.

Next Generation CFO Academy: Start Ahead

Finance executives nominated by their CFOs are offered this unique development and networking opportunity, designed to enhance the “next generation’s” ability to become a great CFO. This event serves as a stepping stone to help these professionals further succeed in their careers.

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