Reimagine the Future of Work Podcast Series

Reimagine the Future of Work podcast series covers topics ranging from new ways of working to the latest trends in the workforce and workplace across Southeast Asia. Hear from our experts as we explore the big questions around the impact of technology and the demands on the workforce of the future.

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EPS 3: PayMaya: Creating a future-ready workforce

Indranil Roy and Carla Lanza

Since the pandemic, many organisations have focused on recovering and thriving in this new normal. When making drastic decisions and redefining new business models, talent is often be overlooked, leading to burnout, overwork, and a high attrition rate. PayMaya has led the way as a first-mover in ensuring that it will have a 700-strong workforce that is highly skilled, motivated, and well-equipped to propel the company into the future.

This episode will look at PayMaya’s talent strategy, and the partnerships they formed to ensure their survival in a disrupted future.

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EPS 2: Are you a slave to the wrong assets? Rethinking the banking operating model

Indranil Roy, Matt Bailey and Phil Windus

The competitive landscape of the banking industry is being challenged at an increasing pace, with new entrants providing more innovative products and improved customer service through increased agility to respond to market demands, whilst sustaining a lighter and less costly operating model. For the first time, the market cap of big fintechs have eclipsed the value of the largest banks even though their balance sheets are smaller.

In this episode, we bring together several leaders from Deloitte to discuss operating model choices that challengers have adopted and the impact of those choices across three key elements: Work, workforce and workplace.

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EPS 1: UnionBank: The protagonist bank that thrives in COVID-19

Indranil Roy and Michelle Rubio

Organisations’ priority to COVID-19 has been crisis response. Now, as organisations begin to emerge from this response phase, leaders are focusing on the next set of workforce challenges as they plan for their recovery. One of the challenges is to activate new ways of working post-COVID. UnionBank can be described as a protagonist bank that thrives in COVID-19. This episode looks at how the bank is resetting ‘tech’, teams, culture and space’ that enable them to cope with the ‘new normal’ seamlessly through the planning and activation of new ways of working, its challenges and key learnings.

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