G4 XBRL Conversion and Assessment


G4 XBRL Conversion and Assessment

Offering quality to digitalized G4 reports

Publishing sustainability reports in the digital format (XBRL) improves communication efficiency with key stakeholders. Preparing G4 reports in XBRL provides alignment with the G4 Guidelines. Deloitte offers G4 XBRL Conversion and Assessment services to assist clients with their sustainability disclosures.

Why publish a G4 XBRL report?

The purpose of publishing a sustainability report is to communicate your company’s sustainability achievements to your key stakeholders. It is crucial to provide users with clear and correct information, which requires no interpretation and judgement. A sustainability report in the machine-readable XBRL format improves the communication efficiency with investors and analysts because it provides an easier and faster access to your report.

As many regulators and standard setters are moving from paper-based to digital reporting using the digital XBRL standard, investors and analysts start benefiting from the increasing availability and accessibility of digital data in their analyses.


What is a G4 XBRL report?

A G4 XBRL report is the outcome of a mapping exercise of your company’s sustainability report according to the GRI Taxonomy, which is a detailed digital classification system of the GRI Guidelines. The resulted G4 XBRL report contains detailed responses to the G4 disclosures and carries contextual information including units, specific breakdowns, such as energy source, gender, or employee categories, as required by the G4 Guidelines.


How can Deloitte help you?

Deloitte can help you convert your G4 report into XBRL using the GRI Taxonomy. The converted G4 XBRL report will be provided in a reader-friendly view rendered by the Deloitte developed GRI reporting tool. Missing information as per sub disclosure level as well as disclosures reported in mis-alignment with the GRI Guidelines will be highlighted for your review before the publication.


Why Deloitte?

Deloitte has been involved in GRI’s transition to digital reporting since 2012. The GRI Taxonomy was developed in collaboration between GRI and Deloitte. Deloitte is able to leverage XBRL reporting knowledge with local experts to best serve the clients’ needs. Our highly specialized XBRL skills and well-designed processes and tools result in high quality XBRL reports.


Take the next step

Do you want to demonstrate your leadership and commitment to responsible reporting? Deloitte can help you convert and asses your G4 report. 

Would you like to learn more about how to improve your reporting process and the analytical possibilities of digital data? Deloitte can advise you in planning and implementing XBRL in your reporting process and provides XBRL trainings of various scopes.

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