Vendor Due Diligence


Vendor Due Diligence

Key to a sale process

Investors now require a greater degree of information prior to committing their own resources. A vendor due diligence report is ideal when there is a competitive tension and a number of potential buyers.

The challenge for senior management is to ensure that the vendor due diligence reports provide a consistent sales message, whilst maintaining a robust and independent view in order to instill confidence in the potential buyers.

What we do

  • Our dedicated sell side professionals are adept at providing vendor due diligence services across a wide range of industries and clients. With professionals based in the ME and access to global expertise, our expert guidance can be tailored to suit your needs and individual circumstances.
  • Working closely with your team, we identify and resolve issues in the divestment process to provide a vendor due diligence product, which enables you to retain control of the process and reduces disruption to the existing business. Our services normally go hand-in-hand with a managed sale process and controlled data room access. Our vendor due diligence offering can cover a number of areas which can be tailored to your needs, and the specific needs of the bidders, including: Financial (historical and future); Tax; Operational; Commercial and strategic; and Pensions & HR.

How we can help

  • Vendor Due Diligence is key to a sale process in the following scenarios:
    • The nature of the transaction means that due diligence will be a pre-requisite for any bidder
    • There are a number of potential purchasers involved in an auction process;
    • The timetable is tight and the maintenance of confidentiality is important;
    • Disruption to the business is to be avoided; and
    • The transaction is complex in nature and you wish to control the level of questions/information requests from potential purchasers.
  • The benefit to you is that indicative bids will be of a better quality and you retain control of the process.